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Man! How long has it been since I updated this website...A year, man time goes by fast...

ALOT and I mean ALOT has happend in this last year...

First of all the Black Trueno AE86 is Finally running as you can see above, she's clean and assembled...For detail go to the Post on iCON Drifting:

As for the Blue AE86 we aquired a SuperCharged engine 4AGZE got a great deal on it too, so Basically that's what I should be covering for now, along with stuff I do to the Black AE86, The Blue AE86 Should be a beast when done...

This summer I had the chance to Finally Visit the "Land of the Rising Sun" Yep got to go to Japan! Awesome place, awesome people, I loved it, Crazy cars and crazy skill...Junkyards are like Heaven...Man I miss it already but I'm glad to be home back with my friends and cars...Got to ride in my bro in laws Tommy Kaira Silvia K's awesome car...Also got some parts for my self...

Go Here For Pictures:

Right now I'm just getting the Black Corolla ready for a drift event in Austin, TX that's going to be organized by my friends at should be awesome, hopefully I'll do decently I haven't driven the car much on this setup...Well some of the things on the list to do is replace the rear wheel bearings which are basically shot (well the drivers side) give it a tune-up oil, brake fluid, spark plugs ect...Get some tires and I'll be set...Right now I'm mainly worried about having money for the event, since I wasn't able to get a Job this summer I have to rely on the money I make selling stuff...

My Friends Opened a shop here in San Antonio, TX Josh and William... Josh told me that I would be able to work there after they start getting more buisness so I'm pretty excited...

That's it for now sorry that I'm kinda breef but I have to get working on other parts of the site and try and get some sleep tonight...

Take Care,


Hey Guys,

Long Time no see! Sorry for taking so long to update the website...I've been kind of busy since school started and all...

Alot has been happening you know how the engine on the blue car blew...we rebuilt it and its running hella strong. Way stronger than our old blue top...Although it's running strong and it pulls hard...There's some stuff wrong with it...A couple of days ago out of no where it started leaking oil...Also if you Put really high loads on the engine it throws a puff of smoke so it's burning oil...that’s not good...Another thing it's running at 35 degrees in order for it to run right when originally it should be at 10 degrees...Me and Pops are going to go thru the engine soon and find out why it needs to be at such advanced timing also check the leaks and stuff...About the oil burning I don't think we can do anything...The machine shop messed up when boring the Cylinders....which sucks they screwed us over pretty bad so DO NOT GET ANYTHING DONE AT MORENO & SONS MACHINE SHOP here in San Antonio...Oh and another good but bad thing is its running 10:8 compression ratio thing is we have to be putting high octane fuel but it has more power so it kind of balances out...

Also we have joined another Team other than Team-AE86 its it's more of a local San Antonio thing...People there are pretty cool and we chill and drift together...We will be going to Drift Events together and other car related activities...Check out the website and let them know how you found out about the site...

The Black GT-S project nothing is being done right now since a friend of our that owns a shop is doing our Title paperwork so we have to wait till he resolves the problem...I can't wait to get it running...

Other stuff my bro in law finally sent me my Redlines and the Blue AE86 is sporting them for now till i get the black car running...oh and some other goodies...On a side note My oldest sister is pregnant so yea another kid is going to be roaming around the house she will be having it next summer so for sure we have to go to Japan next summer b/c she want my mom to be there for the baby’s birth...So good for me!!! I'll be roaming thru the Japanese Junkyards! ^_^

We are going to be up at GGP the 31st of October for a drift event...I can't wait!




Hey Guys

Today is a very sad day for me... Me and my dad left at 4am this morning heading to Houston, Tx where Formula D will be happening. About an hour and a half later at 5:30am the brake and battery light turned on meaning that the altenator was bad. So we told our selves "we'll make it to houston and buy an altenator there" a couple of minutes later the temp gauge started to rise so we quickly slowed down and pulled to the side while slowing down the car started running funny till we turned it off and noticed that there was a huge cloud of smoke! It was pitch dark so we couldn't see anything. My dad poped the hood and opened it while smoke kept bursting out. I was scared and worried. Silence... darkness... My dad said "I can't see anything its too dark turn on the lights so I at least could see a little bit." I did and then "aaahhhhh the water pump broke off and the belt came off so thats why the altenator light turned on. It wasnt spining...." I couldn't believe it...I was about to scream... seriously. So my dad picked up the phone and tried to call my mom... no one picked up. The bugs were attacking me tractor trailers were storming by and cars were blinding me... the humid weather was super uncofortable. so my dad decided to call my sister "Hello yea go and walk over to you moms house and wake her up the car broke down about 80 miles from san antonio" she was still drowxy and really sleepy she said "okay" and my dad asked her if Gabriel(her Husband) had a tow rope she said no. Minutes later my mom calls upset of course. My dad gives her the info and what he wants her to do. The sun started to come up about an 45min later. All that time we were thinking what it could be. I called some of my friends to let them know what happend and that I wouldnt be able to get to Formula D. They were all surprised and dissapointed and gave me their greates condolences. When the sun finally decided to come out. We decided to open the hood and see the damages and see what we could do while waiting for my dearest mother which was already one hour and 25 minutes behind. we took of the parts that were easy to remove and inspected the damage. the water pump had broken off and the radiator was dry. After removing the fan and the pump. We checked the oil noticed pur greatest fear no oil... it was dry and by dry i mean dry. we looked under the header and the was our precious new mom arrived we bought a tow rope and headed home after getting home an hour and a half later. So we got home and took the head off looked at the block and it was fine thank god. we are taking the head to a shop today to get it repaired. Just wanted to share the story with you guys. unexpected things happen at the most unfortunate moments. I was supposed to meet moto and taka and a friend of mine to try to figur out why our acceleration was so dull but the car didnt make it.

Thank you for reading my lengthy and corney story I was trying to describe the moment as best as i could



Hey Guys,

Turns out that we are not going to be able to go to Japan at this time. It still not positive though. We'll be going to Formula D Jun 12th helping out my buddy John that will be competing with the big boys!! See ya there John and Good Luck!

As for the Black Trueno Project it's starting to look like a Trueno now that it has a Trueno Front bumper!!! It looks so much better and refreshed :-) Made me real happy too bad the car still needs a windshield and the paint needs to be buffed and the new engine has to be assembeled and put in. But before that we need to take out the old Block. Which by the way I forgot to tell you guys that I removed the head not to long ago. The block internals look preety bad #1 Piston Looks shot.

The Clean Blue Corolla GT-S.... IT IS STILL RUNNING CRAP AT THIS MOMENT!!! Makes me very upset! Since we are driving it up there for Formula D. A friend of ours is going to see if it's the same problem he had and Moto and Taka may take a look at it!! Can't WAIT! I hope they solve the problem!

I'll be adding a gallery with all the stuff I have done to the Black car so keep your eyes open!

Alright Guys I'll Update Soon,


April/4/04: Hey guys I haven't updated the site in a while due to TAKS testing at school and a couple of events; speaking of school I'm failing a class and I might not get the credit for it so lets cross our fingers. I went to Drift Show Off In Houston But Unfortunatly I didn't get to take any pics. I took alot of Video Though. I will try to get it upd load it so you guys can see it. My parents are planning on going to Japan This summer to visit my sister and my brother in law I hope we do make it over there. The thing is Formula D is also going to be happening during summer so I hope that I get to go to that also.

As for the cars The blue 86 got a Clutch Master cylinder becuase the old one died. For the Black car I'm getting my bumper shipped soon and I'm trying to sell some stuff on ebay to make some money and put the High Comp. engine toguether. I also conviced my neighbor "York" to buy an S14 although he's not a safe driverhe's getting used to the car. I will be posting pictures soon. As for the site I added a page that has my old updates like that you are able to refer back to them. Wish me luck guys and take care.



PS Team Hinga & Chris Here we Come!!

Mar/22/04: Hey guys I haven't been able to update the site in a while with school and all. Lot's of things have happend we took the car to a friend that owns a shop to see why the car was running so weak. He test drove it and right away was able to tell us what was wrong he said that the clutch we bought was so cheap all it did was slip most of the time. So we decided to buy a ACT Performance Clutch Kit. We also decided to rebuild the tranny and also decided to put new wheel bearing and differential seals. We have spent alot of money but I think it's worth it. We still have a couple od stuff to buy I'll update more information soon. Soon I'm gonna add a page for all my old updates becuase this is getting kind of long.

As for the black car we are working on the paper work to get the title soon, soon. My birthday passed.... It was February 24! I just got some clothes but I'm happy with what I got.... Wish me good luck... OH I forgot to let you guys we're going to be at the Falken Drift Showoff. Can't wait also I got my sideskirts from japan not to long ago...Updates and picture will come soon... i'll be sure to take pics at the event.

The Team website is up it just needs some updating... here's the link: enjoy....

Feb/1/04: I forgot to tell you guys I got a JDM steering wheel and some other little stuff thanks to my brother in law that I put on the Blue car. I'm gonna check the compression Tomorow first thing in the morning. I hope it isn't that.We got some short stoke shocks which make a whole lot of difference. Handles like a dream. Even better than a car that had TRD Japan Springs. I was astonished.

The Black Beast is on hold for now since the Blue is misbehaving I think it might be it's getting jealous... hahaha Im crazy. I'll put a Update as soon as I can.

Jan/27/04: Turns out there isn't an exhaust leak it might be compression the throttle response sucks and its slow feels like its running on 2 or 3 pistons it cant even go uphill without struggling. Friend of our said it was the Dizzy I checked and it leaks oil so I might take a look on getting a new one. GRRRR I dont know what wrong with the car it started to give trouble out of no where I still love it though. Also the rear right wheel bearing is bad so gotta replace that too.....*Sigh*

As for the black beast I have just been cleaning up the block im going to drop. I gotta get the old engine out of there soon..... Wish me luck.

Jan/8/04: We got the seals and gaskets Tuesday and installed them yesterday on the Tranny. We also put on the tranny and got the car running. It drives much smoother and the clutch isn't that bad... It really has improoved... But theres a new problem it has a annoying exhaust leak and it's not running as good as before. We are gonna check a leak that the distributor and fix it same thing with the exhaust leak. Hope it starts running nice again.. I was gonna get some shots of all the work we did but the camera is still down.... *sighs* I have to find a way to post some new pics..... My holidays weren't too good by the way but my brother in law sent me some of my JDM stuff so that kind of made up for it.... Let's see what happends...

 Dec/29/03: We put on the new clutch w/ new pressure plate on this weekend but the tranny is taken apart in my shed. Its waiting to for some new Seals and Gaskets from Toyota. I just need to get time to order them. We cleaned the block, the pistons, the crank. We still need to do some little details but that's after the Holidays... I put up a pic of my bumper my bro in law has at his house in Japan since my camara is DEAD BOOO. But I'm gonna take a little break and spend some time with friends and family these couple of days. I'll update soon.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Dec/23/03: Today we did ALOT of work and I mean ALOT. Red Top Block was taken all apart.

As for the Blue hatchback it turns out the Clutch shattered, there pieces everywhere we took the tranny out and are thinking what to do next.

Dec/22/03: Turns out that the Black Hatchback's block is locked... A friend of mine gave me a Red Top 7-rib block for FREE!! So I gotta rebuild it and then drop it in.

As for the Blue Hatchback the clutch or something in the tranny shattered while going to the Drift event in Houston that by the way was great to bad we couldn't compete thanks to our misbehaving tranny. Luckily we got home safely the car just made it a couple of block from my house when it died. We had to push it in the driveway... Were going to take the tranny down and buy a new clutch kit. I'll give and update as soon as possible. Special thanks to Dave that let me be his navigator for the day in the Drift event. MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!!

Nov/15/03: We lowered the Blue Hatchback and put a adjustable lateral bar. I haven't done anything to the Black Hatchback I hope I get it running soon though. I am getting some JDM parts shipped in for it so I want it to be running when they get here.



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