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Updated: Dec/29/03

Nice & Clean

This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago after I washed it. It just a normal pose....

Wide Open...

I opened all the doord and everything to make sure everything was clean. Also to take some of the odor away that had from sitting a while...

Clean Interior

I took this picture to show the clean it is thanks to my daily maintainace.....

From Above

I took this pic from the sunroof to show off the TRD Shift Knob and the JDM Radio yes JDM...

The Drivers Seat

I took this pic to show you the cockpit where the magic happends..... haha

The Reflection

Here you see the mighty suns reflection on the clean Blue. I shows off the great new look thanks to the new suspension.

Nice Rear

Great shot from the rear you see how low the car is and see the slight camber it has.... hmmmm...


Thank You.......