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Collection of Pictures of Events that I've Gone to....

Last Updated: Dec/29/03

Law's car on our previous meet...

Side Shot Of Blue

Rear Shot

Rear Shot Of Chris A.'s Old Red Coupe

Law's Car Rear Shot

John's Interior

The Meet in Lime Creek

Santi's Engine Bay

Chris A.'s Engine Bay

Line up

Bruce Lee... HAHA

Work Pops Work


JDM Bumpers

4AGEs Soo Cool

Santi's Steering Wheel

Pops Helping Chris' Boro

Diggin for broken Timing Belt

86 Team Doing the Mauntain Passes

Letting the Engines Cool after the Car Tag Game

Shot of 86 Team

86 Team Line Up at the Lake

240sx SR20DET Beast

SR20DET Nice!

Aww Some of the Guys Couldn't Keep up

Chris A. Rushing Us

Making Sure Everybody is With Keeping up


Thanks To Dave For Some of the Pics. Will soon update!!