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This is where I post my recent parts purchased or fixed and mods. I will be posting as soon as possible if I get new parts... ENJOY!!!


This is the 4AGZE SuperCharged engine that is in the process of going into the Blue AE86...Soon to be storming the streets...Man I can't wait...

AE101 Individual Thottle Bodies

These Individual Throttle Bodies come from a AE101 20v 4AGE in Japan and will be going on my Black AE86 soon, I can't wait to hear them scream...When things settle down I'll get working on it...

4AGE Blue Top
This engine is from my silver coupe which I'm slowly stripping. The engine will be placed in my black car, while I fix the current engine and work out the bugs...This engine will keep me kicking...

Special thanks to my brother in law for purchasing such great products for me.